Reports and complaints


In order to make easier to manage critical issues and favor
a fruitful dialogue between the administrative staff and the
student community, the Joint Teachers-Students Committee

has prepared this reporting form.
Any student can submit a report or complaint, remembering
that they can also be forwarded to their representatives.


Sending the communication
 Reception of communication and content evaluation
 Assessment of the grounds of the communication and its
forwarding to the relevant individuals and/or bodies
 Response to the proposer - (if email address was given).
 Management of the practice (specific improvement actions)
Notes to the procedure:
Handling times, depending on staff resources and other
organizational constraints, will match to both the urgency of
the communication and the relevant actors. Responses will
be sent by e-mail to students' institutional addresses when
all practices will be periodically placed on the agenda of the
Joint Teachers-Students Committee meetings.
The Committee responses to student reports and
complaints can be found in meeting minutes. Reports
and complaints related to individual teaching or faculty
are forwarded to the relevant Teaching Committees.