Course Insight


The study subjects of a degree program make up what is
called the "Plan of Study", that is the set of all the exams a
student must pass to graduate.
Knowing the Plan of Study of a degree program is the first
step in understanding what subjects and topics will be
covered in the Course you choose and the type of skills and
professionalism you will acquire during your postgraduate
It is important to know that each study course includes a
certain number of training activities (lectures, labs, other
activities): some are compulsory, while others must be
chosen by you from a list of options. The set of the
compulsory activities and the chosen ones will form your
Plan of Study.
Each training activity is associated with a number of training
credits (CFU) which you will achieve by passing exams or
carrying out specific activities. To get your degree, you will
have to earn the total number of credits (120) required by
your course of study.
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